Thursday, August 2, 2007

Republicans Launch Desperate Attempt To Steal The Majority

This is low -- even for the Republican Party. The National Republican Senatorial Candidate (NRSC) is beginning an effort to have Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) removed from office. Johnson suffered a brain aneurysm last December and is still recovering. The constitution (you have heard of that, right GOP?) has no provision for dealing with a Senator in ill health such as Johnson. The precedent has been to allow ailing Senators to recover fully.

The head of the NRSC, John Ensign (R-NV) shows he cares nothing for his colleague, just about getting his power back, "He was a top target before his health problems and he’s still a top target." Wow. What a nice guy. So, he is essentially saying the only way the GOP can get their majority back is to try and "target" a sick man, whose doctors have said he will recover soon.

Johnson's office issued the following statement, "We don’t fear John Ensign and the national Republican hit men. It’s clear that this is a classless attack by a desperate chairman." So true.


Snave said...

This is absolutely disgusting.

The Dems should counter by declaring that Bush is unfit for office, and they should proceed to replace him with a Democrat. Make it official, go for it.

I had a feeling (a "gut" feeling!) that the Repubes wouldn't let the Tim Johnson matter go. What a bunch of insensitive fucks. I have worked with quite a few stroke victims, and I know it often takes up to a year, or longer, to regain basic functions such as speech and the use of the affected side of the body. Johnson has probably had to undergo extensive speech/langauge therapy and other therapies. It isn't an easy thing at all.

What kind of tune would the assholes have been singing if Trent Lott had had a stroke when he was Senate majority leader? I think we all know the answer to that...

Dave Splash said...

When I read that I about fell out of my chair. I could not believe how desperate the Republicans are to try something like this. They are the party of hate. That is their ideology - hate minorities, hate working people, hate the middle class, hate the military, hate the government, hate the poor, hate Muslims, and now hate stroke victims. Sad.