Monday, August 20, 2007

Fox News: "Sean Hannity Is Not a Journalist"

Sean Hannity showed the true meaning of "fair and balanced" a week or so ago when he made an appearance at a fundraiser for Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani. We all know Hannity is a rabid wingnut, Republican partisan, but does anyone find it odd that a representative of the Republican News Channel (aka Fox News) would so obviously take sides in a primary? Aren't the other Republican candidates upset by this? Or they too afraid of this douchebag?

Well, Fox's Senior VP of programming, Bill Shine, justified Hannity's unethical appearance at the event by saying, "Sean is not a journalist." At least someone at Fox is able to speak the truth!


Snave said...

Bill Shine realizes Hannity is not a journalist and admits as much... now if only about 50 million Americans would do the same.

I'm sure that a lot of douchebag politicians are afraid of douchebag Hannity because so many of the American people listen to him and think he is a journalist.

If I met him on the street, I would gladly bust my right knuckles if it meant knocking out a few of his teeth.

Dave Splash said...

I am shocked that none of the other Republican candidates are up in arms about this. I would be pissed. From now on, whenever Hannity is talking to GOP presidential hopefuls, all of his questions/comments will be suspect. If he is critical of one of them, can't they just turn around and ask him if Giuliani told him to say that?