Monday, July 16, 2007

Whoremonger Sen. Vitter Breaks His Silence: "My Political Enemies Are Behind This"

So, did Louisiana Senator Vitter apologize to his constituents for being a lying, hypocritical jackass? Absolutely not. He and his southern-fried stepford wife blamed Vitter's "political enemies" for this whole incident. They then attacked the media for covering the story and for following them around in Louisiana. I was originally planning on leaving Vitter's wife out of this altogether, but after seeing her self righteous, bullshit, "this is none of your business," comments during the press conference a few minutes ago, I feel that she put herself into it, and is deserving of some criticism, too.

Let me clear a few things up for you, Mr. and Mrs. Vitter -- you don't have the same standard of privacy that non-elected officials do. Your words have consequences. A Senator has the ability to make things become the law that everyone else must obey. To be honest, I don't care if you pay for hookers. I wouldn't even care if you liked male hookers (like Ted Haggard). But when you are on the Senate floor putting yourself and your marriage up as the only acceptable kind; and by your actions, you are preventing those with relationships different than yours from being married because it violates the "sanctity of marriage" itself, you cannot claim victim status when you are shown to be violating the "sanctity" of your own marriage by boning hookers!!

It's not the sex, it's the hypocrisy. That is the problem with Senator David Vitter and with his wife. Tell me something Senator Vitter, have you found any time during your week-long pity party/exile to re-evaluate whether gay people are the greatest threat to marriages like yours? Or is adultery a slightly bigger threat...


Lord Purple said...

I have news for you folks. Bush is ‘The Leaker’.

In the Name of Brutus

Dames and Gents,

In times unprecedented and tinged with despair, it is appropriate to reflect on the founding of our great nation. It was not with George Washington, but with Brutus, and not the one who killed Caeser. There was another who rebelled against the tyrant monarchy of Rome, The Tarquins. He wrote the Roman Constitution that would stand for 500 years. His sons sided with the monarchy. The monarchy lost. So to punish his sons and found a perfect union, he immolated his own sons.
Machiavelli speaks fluently and voluminoulsy and voiciferously on this subject, in ‘The Discourses’, and yet is proved wrong on several counts by the miracle of America. He says that a nation founded in servitude, as America was a colony, will never win its freedom. He also says that a nation founded on fertile soil that is easily defended, will in time loose all of its freedoms because it will become, eventually, inevitably, sloth and sated, and will forget to protect them.
As regards 'The DC Madam', I am personally involved. You can view my involvement at
Sometimes a mouse will lead you to a kat, and a kat can lead you to a rat and a rat, ironically, can lead you to the truth. And the truth, as they say, and as it is written, will set you free.
May all those who sincerely and patiently wait for freedom be free and may all those who desire to steal those freedoms find instead the dire consequences that accompany contempt for a great man like Brutus.

As regards Machiavelli,
eram sapiens tamen nefas
And again,
vox vocis publicus est vox vocis deus

May The Republic stand forever and bring the Glory Of The World, with Dignity, into Its Treasury.



J. Marquis said...

Wow, that guy is a hard to follow. Now I can't even remember what I was gonna say!

Dave Splash said...

Me neither.

Knight of Nothing said...

Nonsensical comment aside, I love what you wrote about Vitter and his wife. Other folks have said similar things, but you really punched it home with this succinct piece. Cheers!