Saturday, July 28, 2007

Taking the Future for Granted

To be honest, I don't think the "You Tube" debate format is
all that radically different. We've had prior debates where
an audience member stands up and asks one or more candidates
a particular question. The most recent arrangement simply
allowed a bit more creativity.

However, the fact most of the GOP candidates are refusing to
participate is very interesting. They seem to think a
youth-oriented format is beneath them. Or they're afraid
a snowman will ask them about global warming.

It reminded me of a Rush Limbaugh tirade I heard a couple
days before the Live Earth concerts. He was going on and on
about how all the people at these shows would be dirty
losers all stoned out of their minds. I was rather stunned
to be hearing this in sounded like an observation
more appropriate for 1972.

Oh well, the GOP's stuffiness bodes well for the Democrats.
The culture is changing and as far as I can tell, the
Dems are much more in line with the next generation of voters.

1 comment:

Elvez73 said...

Great observations, by not participating in these debates the GOP loses out in reaching younger voters. I welcome it, the grayer and more fossilized the Republicans get the better.