Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Heather Mills Walks Away With $100 Mil

Heather Mills, aka Mrs. Gold Digger McCartney, has agreed to stop slandering the former Beatle with bogus allegations of "abuse." All it took was Paul McCartney giving her $100 million dollars -- a lump sum up front, and an annual payment in the millions for child support. I'm sorry, but this pisses me off. This woman was married to McCartney for what, 3 years or something. How does she justify taking $100 million of his money. It is his money after all. Ever heard of The Beatles? She is a bimbo, ex-model, ex-softcore porn star, that married a rich guy. A really rich guy. Their child deserves whatever she needs; but that child's mother should not walk away with enough money to sit around and do nothing for the rest of her life. Get a job. What a disgrace.


Snave said...

The only ones I feel badly for in this case are McCartney himself and for their kid. For Paul to have gone from something as great as he had with Linda to something as miserable as he has had with Mills just doesn't seem fair. I guess we all make mistakes, and he has plenty of money to pay off certain aspects of his mistakes, but man... $100 million? If you're extremely wealthy, I guess that's what it costs nowadays, eh.

Dave Splash said...

Too bad. Because now pretty much any woman he dates, he must be thinking "Is she with me just to get $100 million?" That Heather Mills makes me so angry. It's one thing to be a gold digger, but for to make those fake allegations of abuse...there is no excuse for that.