Friday, July 20, 2007

Ed Koch: Profile In Courgage...NOT

Former NYC Mayor and Democrat Ed "How Am I Doing" Koch today came out and said he can "no longer defend the policy of keeping U.S. troops in Iraq to assist the Iraqi central government in the ongoing civil war." Interesting. A Democrat waiting until July 2007 to come out against Bush's disaster. But, if you remember, Koch endorsed Bush in 2004 and gave him major publicity by being a prominent Democrat that endorsed someone from the other party. He also attacked war critics as "aiding the enemy." Thanks, Ed. Thanks a lot. How bold of you to now state the very obvious.


Snave said...

I'm getting pretty tired of NYC mayor/ex-mayor politicians such as Bloomberg, Giuliani, and Koch. They seem to have some kind of mystique about them, like people think they're all really great or something, and that because of having been mayor of NYC they are something extra special. Sorry, but I think they are a bunch of dumbshits. Giuliani and Bloomberg were on a short list of two, but now Koch makes three.

Dave Splash said...

Not sure what makes NYC Mayors think they are experts on everything.