Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Canada Has National Health Care AND Porno Pizza?!

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(Adult Video News) - Customers of Porno Pizza in Winnipeg will get a titillating surprise after they're done with their sausage and pepperoni. Local businessman Corey Wildeman, recently launched the delivery-only pizza business that places pornography underneath the pizza.

"I'm absolutely thrilled with how successful it's been," Wildeman told the Winnipeg Sun.

"It runs the full gamut," Wildeman said of the images he puts in the boxes. "There are some that are very Playboy-esque and others which Larry Flynt would blush at."

Wildeman also explained that, much to his surprise, most of his clientele have been female.

As expected, the business has also caused some local controversy. Roz Prober, president of the Winnipeg chapter of child advocacy group, Beyond Borders, told the Sun that she is worried the delivery service could land pornography in the hands of children.

Wildeman assured that he checks the identification of the person who picks up the pizza, and added that there are plenty of other more accessible mediums for minors than his business.

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