Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Bushies Even Made The Special Olympics Political?!

I saw this over at Various Ecstasies, and felt it needed a mention here. Since being selected to the presidency, George W. Bush and his administration -- "The Bushies" -- have turned every single element of the government into a political arm of the White House. Whatever they were able to dismantle, they dismantled. Whatever they wanted to de-fund, they de-funded. And whatever, they could not shut down, they attacked, claimed it was "liberal," tried to purge senior officials, and sought to re-vamp it as "pro-Bush." They have done this to the Justice Department, the CIA, the EPA, the military, and every major government agency without exception.

They also politicized health, by refusing to allow government scientists and doctors to mention things like stem cell research or contraception. Bush's former Surgeon General, Dr. Richard Carmona, claims he was censored on a number of topics, and was even forbidden to participate in any way with the Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics?! There's something political about the Special Olympics? Apparently so. The Bushies hate the mentally retarded, and refused to approve the Surgeon General's participation in any event with them. He tells CNN, "I was questioned, in fact, almost admonished as to, well, 'Why do you want to do this?' " he said. " ... And I made my case based on science. And I was told, well, 'Aren't you aware that, who is behind all of this? Why would you help those people?' "

Those people? Those people are not political, they are just kids with mental disabilities. They are not liberal activists, civil rights workers, or abortion doctors. But in case you have read this far, and say, "Hey the Bushies weren't attacking retarded people, they were attacking the people behind the Special Olympics." Oh, I see. Yes, because a member of the Kennedy family founded the event back in the 60s, it must be some front for the Communist Party. Or maybe they support Al Queda? Perhaps the whole Special Olympics is just a way to get the "retarded vote."

I am truly disgusted by the Bush Administration. They are the lowest of the low, and this is inexcusable -- to politicize the Special Olympics. How pathetic.

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