Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Omaha's Mayor Sort-Of Backs a Troop Withdrawal

Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey has said he supports a resolution calling for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. That's good. However, Fahey did not attend the US Conference of Mayors convention where the resolution was being debated, nor did he vote on the resolution. Hardly a profile in courage. Baby steps, I guess.


Snave said...

Being able to "talk the talk" is one thing, but being able to "walk the talk" is another thing altogether. It often takes more than baby steps to get from the first step to the second one. Maybe the mayor will get there eventually, but as you say, at least he has gotten a positive start.

Dave Splash said...

It's positive, I guess. He's supposedly running for Senate in '08 and therefore he is hedging his bets by sort of being against the war, but not being "officially" against it. Kind of cowardly, but in Nebraska politics, it may be necessary.