Thursday, June 21, 2007

Conservatives Joke About Killing the Clintons, Media Does Nothing

Republican consultant and talk show host Michael Graham said on CNN Headline News that he wished that the Clintons would be assassinated in a public manor. Graham was a guest on wingnut Glenn Beck's show and the two started talking about the recent Hillary Clinton promotional video that spoofs the ending of The Sopranos. "[S]eriously, Glenn, didn’t you at one point want to see, like, Paulie Walnuts or someone come in and just whack them both right there. Wouldn’t that have been great?...C’mon. … I wanted that." Beck said he didn't want that, but was laughing the entire time. ThinkProgress has the video.

You know, the double standard regarding what is "acceptable" in political discourse is shocking. Whoopi Goldberg makes a sexual joke about Bush's last name and her career is practically destroyed, but Michael Graham can joke about a former president and first lady getting "whacked" and the media ignores it. In fact, CNN is pretending it never happened, and have not posted a transcript of the show.


J. Marquis said...

I guess one reason I'm not so hard on Hillary is that she's been around a while seems to handle the right-wing hate and bullshit very well. I'm not sure some of the other candidates would do as well.

Dave Splash said...

The kind of viciousness directed at the Clintons by the right is 100x beyond what anyone else has to deal with. The wingnuts have had a 15 year obsession with them and they just cannot let it go.