Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cheney Replaced With Fred Thompson??

Sally Quinn from The Washington Post floats an interesting theory about an emerging GOP strategy to win in 2008. She suggests Republicans are looking for ways to have Cheney step down as VP to clear the way for Fred Thompson to run as something of an incumbent. I'm all for getting Cheney off of the public payroll, but does anyone really believe Thompson is somehow more electable in 2008 because he served a year as VP in the worst presidential administration in US history?


Anonymous said...

This rumor's been floating around for the last few months, and it's not going to happen. Thompson is smart enough to figure that one out.

Dave Splash said...

I have heard rumors regarding Cheney departing so that a VP could run in '08, but I had not heard Thompson's name used. I had heard this about Bill Frist about a year ago.

J. Marquis said...

No frickin' way. There's no way the Republicans currently serving would go for that.

Anonymous said...

Straight shootin' Thompson
Can't win without loads of help
Our new bald sex toy

Dave Splash said...


Snave said...

Christ... The prospect of Thompson getting into the White House is truly enough to make me seriously consider emigration. The guy is all form, no content. Arthur Branch for president! Because of his TV persona, he couldn't be anything but a fair, compassionate conservatie who would bring "law and order" to America. People won't vote for him because he is politically adept or because he has any vision, but more because he is a TV personality who some media idiots are referring to as "sexy". Shit!

I can just see it now, idiotic supporters will carry signs referring to him as Arthur Branch, and his unofficial campaign slogan may as well be "Vote for law and order, vote for Thompson".

This is one of the more dangerous moments in our political history, and the thought of another old neocon without any real substance stepping in to continue bad policies, like Bush I did after Reagan, is a thought I find repulsive.

Can you tell I HATE Fred Thompson? Heh... and I don't like to use that word too often.