Thursday, May 17, 2007

John McCain: The Least Hardest Working Man in the Senate

It's funny, but after the first quarter fundraising numbers came in and John McCain's numbers were anemic, his advisers said it was because McCain was "so busy in the Senate" that he didn't have enough time to dial for dollars. However, this looks to be another in the long line of lies told by McCain and his minions. As of today, McCain has missed 42 Senate votes in a row. 42!! This was his fifth straight week without casting a vote. He ditches votes on Iraq, immigration, the budget -- you know all of the things McCain claims he is a leader in. If he misses the next three votes, he will have been absent for 50% of all roll calls in 2007. Good thing the people of Arizona are getting the attention of their elected representative. Naturally, McCain found enough time to to go Baghdad and stroll through the markets, picking up rugs and whatnot, with his 100 man team of soldiers protecting him. He has enough time for PR stunts like this, and enough time to appear in debates, but somehow does not have enough time for votes on the war he claims is so vital to our future as a country!? What a freakin' pathetic loser.


J. Marquis said...

I hope this gets brought up in the next GOP debate. I'd love to see him try to spin it.

Dave Splash said...

The media would have to actually report something like that before a moderator might actually ask the question.