Monday, April 30, 2007

Tony Snow Is Back - So Is The Lying

Apparently, Tony Snow's recurrence of his cancer will not stop him from doing his job -- lying for George Bush. On his first day back, Snow made the incredible claim that "...there has been no attempt to try to link Saddam to September 11" from the White House. WTF??!! The war was sold on the premise that Iraq was payback for 9/11. Bush repeatedly said there was no separation between Saddam Hussein and al Queda in the "war on terror." This is just one of the many Bush comments on the topic - from 2002: "We know that Iraq and Al Qaida have had high-level contacts that go back a decade."

It sucks when one's lies come back to haunt them. This new George Tenet book should prompt some interesting new whoppers from the White House once people start dissecting it. This war is a lie. The Bush Administration are failures. There is no getting around that. Trying to alleviate one's guilt by making claims that you have never tried to do something that you are on the record doing is just pathetic.


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