Friday, April 20, 2007

By The Hammer Of Thor!

I just wanted to state one more time (for the record) that 30 Rock is, without a doubt, the best sitcom currently on TV. Last night's episode was sheer genius -- Jack's new girlfriend with "hollow bones," Tracy being targeted by the "black crusaders" for offenses against the black community, and Liz Lemon's weekly catchphrase, "By the hammer of Thor" kept me on the floor laughing the entire episode. Not to mention Liz and Floyd's trip to "the Cleve" -- Cleveland. The show is the best. The best, people. The best.
I will also state for the record that Tina Fey looks great in Hi-Def!


Tedj said...

I have no friggin idea why Baldwin's divorce latest recording made the news. Our society sucks.

J. Marquis said...

I agree, Howard. That show is funny from the first minute to the last.

TransformerGeek said...

Two words why this show is so appealing: mind grapes