Friday, March 30, 2007

Sometimes I Just Can't Take Them Anymore

While driving to work this morning I saw what is, perhaps, the most offensive bumper sticker I have ever seen. The sticker said, "My Car Loves Iraqi Oil." Naturally, the car was an enormous SUV, and the driver was an enormous, ugly woman. Figures. I tried to get a picture with my cell phone, but could not get close enough without risking a collision.

Really, is that a defensible sticker? Tens of thousands of people have to die so you can arrogantly celebrate how much of an asshole you are?! You really think military families would be happy to see such a sticker? Aren't they over there dying so the "terrorists" don't come here? This isn't about oil, right? If I had seen that on a parked car, I would have slashed the tires. People like that fat pig deserve a little inconvenience.


J. Marquis said...

What a weird bumper sticker. I'm not even sure I understand what she's trying to say.

Dave Splash said...

I thought it was one of those "We kicked a bunch of Iraqi ass and now we're taking their oil! Yeah! Go America!"