Monday, March 19, 2007

New Gizmo On The Blog

I just added my personal radio station to The Dark Stuff. It's the silver thing at the top right of the page. Click the play button and you can listen to my station from I don't personally pick the songs that play, but the station is based on what I have played over the last year or so when I started having keep track.

If you listen to music on your computer, you should look into All you need to do is install a plug-in to your media player and it automatically keeps track of what you play, and creates a web page to display the results. After you have used it for a while, it begins to recommend artists you might like based on your taste, and it gives you "neighbors" who have similar taste to your own. My page is here.

Anyhow, give the station a listen. I tested it out, and it actually works quite well. Unlike a regular radio station, if you don't like a song, you can skip to another one.


TransformerGeek said...

Last FM kicks all ass in a chicken basket.

Dave Splash said...

Not sure what that means, but I love Last FM also.

TransformerGeek said...

It was paraphrased from an old FARK headline:
"The Internet is a cesspool," said Sen. Mike Friend of Omaha. Translation, The internet kicks total ass in a chicken basket.

- Thanks for the tip-off for Dr. Dog's show at The Waiting Room. Totally forgot about that show...