Friday, March 23, 2007

A Fan Letter?

I just received this email from a long time listener of my radio show. He is a cross-country truck driver that used to call in every week, but I hadn't heard from the guy in like six months.

dear dave, I just wanted to drop bye to say hello and to just say thanks for sticking with this show. As i have said in the past "This is the best feature show in America". I cross this country too@fro weekly, listening to every college station,XMU else anything eclectic. I consider your show my music home away from home, my listening roadhouse if you will.Thanks agin for the playlist you have so diligantly sent these past years.Ever so often i get to pass by on I-80 just at the right time to pull over and take in your show.The freshness of the music you play helps susstain me in my journeys.. thanks again, your truckin listener TOM p.s. how about some DEER HOOF..........

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