Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Welcome Back Rant

Ok, I'm back. My vacation ended a few days ago, actually. I have not been able to inspire myself to post anything since I returned however. I have been so disgusted by the media lately, that I am thinking about never watching cable news again. In the same week that it is discovered that the "support the troops" Bush Administration is allowing wounded and amputated soldiers to live in conditions of squalor, all the media covers is the fucking Anna Nicole Smith trial. In the same week that the Republican Party shows that they are cowards who are afraid to vote in favor of escalating the war in Iraq, all the media covers is Britney Spears shaving her head. In the same week that closing arguments are happening in the perjury trial of the former Chief of Staff for the Vice President of the United States, the only channel not covering Anna and Britney 24-7 (CNN) is obsessing over what some Hollywood douchebag (David Geffen) is saying about Hillary Clinton. On the same day that the British government announces their phased withdrawal from Iraq, the "news media" is still debating who the father is of Anna Nicole's baby! Who cares about any of this shit! Cover the fucking news! There is a lot of it out there!

I am sad to report that my favorite of the cable news channels, MSNBC, is leading the pack in terms of Anna Nicole coverage. Yesterday, both Fox News and MSNBC covered the "trial" all day long. Only CNN was able to restrain themselves from coverage of the pressing event. It is enough to make you wonder how any of these people sleep at night -- let alone call themselves journalists.

I'll have more later....

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