Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yet Another 24 Recap

It is early in the season, obviously, but I think there will be fewer claims of 24 being some sort of anti-Muslim, pro-Bush television show. Last night's episode (10-11 am) revealed a totally new angle to the conspiracy from last season, and one that makes this season's "baddest" of the "bad guys" on the show to be...a white guy!

Hmm. Well, yes, he's white, but maybe he converted to Islam? Nope. How about a Christian Arab? Sometimes, they look pretty white. Nope. He's just an average, American, WASP-y white guy. Except for the fact that he is JACK BAUER'S BROTHER!? Damn! Another huge bombshell. This new mega-villain -- Graham Bauer -- was part of the nerve gas attacks and the subsequent murder of David Palmer from last season. But now, it looks like he may have sold components for the suitcase nukes to Abu Fayed (yes, he is Muslim). More than likely, though, he sold them to some guy named McCarthy (an Irish Muslim?) who then sold them to Fayed. Jack's father is also involved in this somehow, but we don't know how or why at this point.

Obviously, there is a lot to work out yet this season. But just like with earlier seasons, it is foolish to jump to conclusions about where the story will go, and what (if any) statement is being made. I am just growing so tired of hearing that 24 is some bigoted show. Only someone who has either a) not seen more of the show than highlights or 2) someone who has never watched the news, would take this narrow view.

There is also something going on between Jack and his sister-in-law. Well, there was anyway. Wouldn't it be odd if the root cause of Graham Bauer's support of terrorism was actually jealousy and not the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?

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