Friday, January 19, 2007

Is Rep. Patrick McHenry The Most Dishonest Politican In America?

I am astounded! I just came home for lunch, and turned on the TV. All the "news" networks were covering a press conference by the former wife of Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, so I turned on C-Span. Three Republican Congressmen, led by Rep. Patrick McHenry, held a news conference to smear Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. I hope someone puts it on YouTube.

It is understandable that these guys would be opposed to the new Democratic agenda. They are Republicans, so obviously, they are "factually challenged." But these guys had a 20+ minute lying session. Literally, nothing they said could be construed as truth by any sense of the word. These sore losers were crying about the Democrats' 100 hour agenda (which was passed in a mere 42 hours) and made the absurd claim that everything that was passed will actually have the opposite effect of what the Democrats claim.

McHenry claimed that the Democrats reduction of interest rates on college student loans actually doubles them. He claimed that by negotiating for lower prices on prescription drugs that drug prices will be increased. He claimed that by increasing the minimum wage, wages would go down for workers. He claimed that the Democratic plan to increase the Congressional work week means that Congress actually works less than when the Republicans were in charge. It was, literally, a "black is white and white is black" argument. It was the most extreme example of political delusion I have ever seen (maybe "Baghdad Bob" was a little more confused, but not by that much). Literally, nothing he said was true.

If these three jokers actually represent the GOP in 2007, then Democrats are looking at a majority for the rest of the century. God, I hope more Republicans have press conferences like that one!


J. Marquis said...

The GOP implosion is truly a wonderful thing to watch.

Dave Splash said...

The level of desperation is kinda shocking.