Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hillary Is In

The announcement that everyone knew was coming has finally arrived. Hillary Clinton is running for President. According to her website, she is forming an explatory committee. This is always the first step toward making an official run. I imagine that all of the attention being placed on Barack Obama has pushed Hillary to make this announcment a little earlier than she was planning.

There is a real wealth of candidates on the Democratic side: Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. The Republicans have absolutely no one to offer: John McCain (whose lips are so locked to George Bush's ass that he is damaged goods), Rudy Giuliani (who has so many shady deals and associates in his background that he will never actually run) or Mitt Romney (who is a Massachusettes liberal pretending to be a far-right, religious extremist, but one that ironically will not be accepted by closed-minded GOP primary voters because he is a Mormon).

I think the Democratic chances in 2008 are looking pretty good.


J. Marquis said...

I agree with you, Howard. McCain is the only Republican who's got a real shot and he's betting everything on this surge working and things dramatically turning around in Iraq.

Dave Splash said...

McCain was appealing because he did not kiss up to the Republican party establishment. He denounced the religious right, he voted against some of the Bush tax cuts, etc. But he has lost all of that because of how much he has embraced Bush and far right of the party over the last 3-4 years. It's sad. He's lost somewhere around 20 points among independents, and you can't win a general election without unaffiliated voters on your side.

Anonymous said...

If Hilary wins the Democratic ticket, it will be time to get used to what will be 12 years of a Republican admin.

She has a loyal following among some Dems, but she is reviled by too many in the general public to make it through the elections and win.

Dave Splash said...

I'm afraid you sound like someone trapped in the year 1999. Under almost any realistic electoral college scenario, Hillary could win. She would easily take every state that Kerry won in 2004. All she would need to win, then, is Ohio or Florida; and both states are trending Democratic.

Who Republicans "revile" is actually irrelevant as their numbers are shrinking. Plus, Republicans love George Bush, and the country, clearly, does not.