Friday, December 15, 2006

Is This The Downfall of The Girl Next Door?

I like Elisha Cuthbert. I like her not just because she played a porn star in the movie The Girl Next Door, not just because she was the high school girl that hooked up with Luke Wilson in Old School, not just because she played Jack Bauer's daughter Kim on 24, and not just because she is a first-rate hottie who has never looked bad in a single photograph. I like her for all of those reasons, but also for the fact she is not one of those Lindsay Lohan party girl types. She is not all over the gossip websites, she is not all over the tabloids, and she is not out getting wasted and embarrassing herself with 50 photographers in tow. Until now...

I saw photos of Elisha hanging out with Paris Freakin' Hilton the other night. She is the anti-Christ! I absolutely hate her. I don't know, is Elisha hard up for attention? Does she think that getting photographed with Paris will help kickstart her career again? She almost destroyed Britney Spears in less than a week! (I guess Britney did have a headstart)

Another bright, young Hollywood hottie going down the wrong path. How sad. And how cliche actually.

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