Saturday, December 9, 2006

Better Living With a Proper Mix

I helped out a friend for a few hours today. That's hardly breaking news, but there isn't a whole lot I can really "help" people with. Of course there is the occassional move or ride to the airport, but that's really about it. So when I was asked to help a friend create a "show" that he could put on a CD and send to his family in England, I finally found a unique way to earn some karma points. I basically helped him make an 80 minute podcast. There was lots of Christmas music, and some oldies that had significance to his family. He talked in and out of the songs and related family stories and whatnot. It was nice.

It made me realize that I am way behind on my actual podcast. I missed last week, so I need to make this one extra good. I bought a new microphone and this will be the first podcast I have done with it. So, onward and upward...

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