Thursday, November 9, 2006

Still Feeling The Buzz From Tuesday Night!!

Fiona Apple has just released her version of Elvis Costello's "I Want You" as an iTunes exclusive track. If you remember, I wrote about how great a version she did at the VH1 Decades Rock Live show a few months back. Now, you can buy the tune instead of having to watch it on YouTube. Click here to buy the song. Fiona will also be appearing tonight on an episode of a show on The Sundance Channel called Iconoclasts. She will appearing along with director Quentin Tarantino.

To those on the right, it may seem like the sky is falling. I know most Republicans have locked themselves in their rooms, and have been crying their eyes out since they lost both the House and the Senate, and Rumsfeld resigned. This won't make it any better for you. Bush's nominee to replace Rumsfeld, former CIA Director Robert Gates, is a proponent of a phased withdrawal from Iraq. A year and a half ago, Gates said the following: "We all hope that it will be quick. That in a year or two the — this government in Iraq will be secure enough that they will be able to invite us to leave and we can do so, leaving behind us a government that can survive and that will be very different from what preceded it." His "in a year or two" is now. So it looks like he and the Iraq Study Group are going to push for ending this debacle in Iraq sooner rather than later. Hooray. In addition, according to a posting on Andrew Sullivan, Gates is in in favor of engaging diplomatically with Iran. Just about everyone, except the most rabid right-wingers, acknowledges that diplomacy with Iran is essential to having some type of success in Iraq.

Australian noise rock legend Nick Cave has formed a new band called Grinderman. The band also features members of The Cramps, Dirty Three, and The Triffids. The band has released its first song, "No Pussy Blues," and has put it on its MySpace page. If you are Nick Cave fan or a Birthday Party fan, you will like the song. It sounded more like the Birthday Party to these ears.

Longtime 60 Minutes correspondent, journalist Ed Bradley has died from leukemia. Bradley has been on the popular, groundbreaking show for the last 26 years. Bradley won numerous awards throughout his career, and is responsible for conducting the only televised interview with convicted and executed Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Bradley was a consistent and reliable source for straight, hard-hitting, investigative journalism -- exactly the kind that has been almost absent for the last six years.

Senator Macacawitz (aka George Allen) is finally going to concede the Virginia Senate race today at 3 pm. This will make the Democrat's takeover of both houses of Congress official. It will also signal the official end of Allen's political career. He was once considered the heir to the Bush throne, and the preferred presidential candidate of the religious right. There is virtually no way he could run for President after this loss, his questionable personal behavior during the campaign, and the many documented incidents of Allen's racism. Couldn't have happened to a shittier person!

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