Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gloria Allred Is The Devil

I hate this woman. She is worse than the most opportunistic, ambulance chasing, accident lawyer. She only accepts cases to get her ugly face all over the media. Now she is taking up the case of the etiquette instructor featured in the Borat movie, despite the fact that the woman signed a waiver at the time of filming, Allred knows she can collect her fee and get herself on television by taking up a completely futile case. I can't think of another lawyer I hate more (well, maybe Ted Olson or Ben Ginsberg but for completely different reasons) than Gloria Allred. Who would hire this she-devil? Only someone who knows they have no case.


Anonymous said...

I really feel Gloria Allred is a no good Shyster. Why does
Gloria Allred
always glom on to these rediculous cases?

Anonymous said...

Now she's grabbed hold of the "Afro-Americans" that heckled Kramer til he went totally nuts. Ahahaha...Oh, yes, they deserve to have an apology....right! But she wants a retired judge to mediate...for what? He committed no crime! Why Kramer would go for that is beyond me. He ought to say I'll meet them at the McDonald's around the corner, those two and him only. No shyster attorney, not retired judge, no media. Then after that, move on. Leave the grand whore of the court, Gloria Allred, to chase some other gay case...oh, wait, don't tell her I said that or she'll come after me...oops, I forgot...I'm not rich, I'm safe from her. (Nice blog site btw) Aloha!