Monday, October 30, 2006

My First Threat of Legal Action!!

robinhibbardHey all. Wanted to make a quick post to let you know that I had to remove a thumbnail and a link to another website that features pictures of some former Real World cast member named Robin Hibbard. Some joker claiming to be her representative (and who needs a lesson in grammar and punctuation) said she would sue me if I didn't remove the picture.

While I doubt the person was actually a lawyer, I decided to go ahead and remove the picture because -- in all honesty -- the girl just isn't that good looking. If I was going to get sued over a blog I do as a hobby and have never made a dime from, I guess I'd rather get sued over a hottie and not some overweight former reality TV star. Here is the letter I received:

Miss.Hibbard has retained legal council concerning these images,They were never supposed to be released and the photographer already being sued by the company that produced the calender. He has removed the images from his website.

By law these images belong to him so on top of
everything you are committing copyright infringement.

Perhaps you did not carefully note the clear copyright notice at the bottom of each page at While I agree with you that Robin is hot, and even hotter in some images we did not use, you can not simply copy these images without consequence.(especially since we have acted to protect them)

The cover image of the calendar is public and all are
free to use it, but none of the remaining pictures are. We are bound by third party agreements with the photographer and Robin to protect the copyright. Therefore we must ask that you cease and desist from their use immediately. If necessary we will take action through the ISP hosting this forum.

KGS Productions, Inc.

Las Vegas, NV

This person is clearly not very intelligent, and did not even look at the context of the picture on the site. I posted a small thumbnail and a link to another site that was posting the pictures (who still is, by the way). Hey, no loss. The whole thing was a joke really. Robin Hibbard has no future as a model, and if those photos are for some sort of future calendar -- expect to see it in the bargain bin for 99 cents. For the record, I have no idea what is and I have never been to their site. So, their pathetic scolding of me for not noticing something on their website is pretty dumb. But, you live and you learn. Robin, it was nice knowing you. You will now be relegated to joke status. Have a nice life.


Anonymous said...

nice response

Dave Splash said...

The whole thing is pretty ridiculous. I had one tiny pic and a link to another website and I get a letter like that -- and the other site doesn't?

Anonymous said...

poor grammar and spelling equals dumbass.