Thursday, October 19, 2006

Heather Mills-McCartney: Liar

The media is all a-buzz about the allegations leveled against Paul McCartney that he abused his second wife, Heather Mills. I am going to go ahead and say it: Heather Mills is a liar. I don't believe her claims. She, simply, is not credible. Has there ever been a claim in the last 44 years (the time McCartney has been a celebrity) about McCartney being violent? Was there ever an allegation that Paul was abusive to his first wife, Linda? The answer is no. Someone does not simply become an abuser in their 60s. This behavior is habitual, and it starts at a young age. What we have here is a woman of questionable character going through a divorce with an extremely wealthy man, and trying to take as much of his money as possible.

Heather Mills is nearly 30 years younger than Paul McCartney. Paul was already a legend before she was even born. Mills is a third-rate fashion model and soft-core porn star. McCartney is worth approximately $2 billion, and Mills is worth - maybe - $20. There was no pre-nuptial agreement, so it seems that this may be the best way for Mills to never have to work again in her life. Fuck her. McCartney should give her a few bucks to make her go away. She deserves nothing else. They were only married four years!

Say what you will about this case, but this woman screams "Gold Digger!" to me. She wants a piece of that $2 billion, and her way to get it is to trash the reputation of one of the world's most famous and respected men.

Again. Fuck her.


J. Marquis said...

I totally agree. Abusive behavior is not something you develop this late in life.

Man, if there was ever a lesson about the value of a pre-nup, this is it...

Dave Splash said...

I've learned my lesson.