Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Will George Allen's Possible "Jewishness" Hurt Him With Racist Voters?

I saw this clip at Wonkette and Andrew Sullivan and am a little confused.

My first response to the video was to wonder why, in 2006, a question like this is even asked of any political candidate? Why is someone having Jewish relatives or possibly being 1/12 a Jew or whatever something that needs to be confirmed or denied? Why also did the crowd boo when George Allen was asked about his supposed "Jewishness"? Were they angry about the question itself? Or did they see it as an attempt to smear Allen? And, again, is being part Jewish (no matter how small a part) a negative in Virginia politics?

The first time I watched it, I liked Allen's response. But when I watched it again, I think he played it way too safe. After his forceful statement about freedom of religion, etc., he denied that his mother was Jewish, but acknowledged that his grandfather was. But, according to Jewish Daily Forward, Allen's mother was born Jewish. So which is it, Allen? Jew or gentile?

He should have said nothing after his "freedom" comments, and his words would have had more of an effect. But to try and qualify his possible Jewishness was sort of insulting. Maybe Allen just didn't want this mentioned in front of his white power friends. He may be kicked out of that club now. Oh well, even if he is a Jew, he's still a racist asshole.

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J. Marquis said...

It seems like an odd question but on the other hand it seemed like GA got way too heated up about it.