Friday, September 29, 2006

If I Were a Republican, I'd Be in a State of Denial Too

I'm certain that the newest Bob Woodward book, State of Denial, will be full of the kinds of behind-the-scenes detail that he is famous for. So far, this book (unlike the previous Woodward book on Bush, Plan of Attack) is not making Bush out to be very on top of things. In one section, Woodward says that First Lady Laura Bush and Former Chief of Staff Andy Card urged Bush to fire Donald Rumsfeld. Laura and Card were overruled by the real bosses at the White House -- Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. Furthermore, the book goes on to say that Bush ignored warnings about the increasingly volatile situation in Iraq, refused to send more troops despite numerous requests, and would not allow members of his cabinet to use the word "insurgency." It also says Donald Rumsfeld hampered efforts to capture Osama Bin Laden, and was so hostile toward Condoleeza Rice that Bush had to order him to return her phone calls. Can somebody say dysfunctional?

Looks like Senator George Allen (R-VA) just cannot catch a break. After refusing to apologize for the "macaca incident," he then apologized multiple times but clung to the unbelievable claim that he made the word up. Then, he became unhinged when asked if he had Jewish relatives, and he denied it. He later said his mother and grandfather were, in fact, Jewish, but he was still eating ham sandwiches. After all of that comes the accusation that he frequently used the "N word" when discussing blacks. He denies ever using the word -- not even once -- despite driving around with a Confederate flag in his truck and a noose in his office. Numerous people are coming out of the wood works to back the racist claims, while only Republican activists are defending Allen. The latest group Mr. Allen has offended is the Sons of Confederate Veterans. After telling a black audience that he understands that, to them, the rebel flag is a symbol of "hate and terror," the confederate group claims it is offended. "He's apologizing to others, certainly he should apologize to us as well," said B. Frank Earnest Sr., the Virginia commander of the confederate group at a news conference. "We're all aware, ourselves included, of the statements that got him into this. The infamous macaca statement. He's using our flag to wipe the muck from his shoes that he's now stepped in." George Allen just can't anything right!

The votes are in!! According to Esquire magazine, Scarlett Johansson is the sexiest woman alive. The issue will be out October 17.

As anyone with an IQ above 70 knows, convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff is tight with the White House. The WH tried to say they didn't know him, that he'd never visited anyone there, and that whatever illegal activity he was involved with, they had nothing to do with it. Well, according to a new report from the Government Affairs Committee, Abramoff had 485 contacts with the White House from January 2001 to March 2004. Many of these meetings and calls were with Karl Rove himself. Hmmmmm.....

Lastly, here is the video of Borat's march on Washington. I don't know why Kazhakstan is so angry at Borat. I think he is doing the country a great favor!


J. Marquis said...

This George Allen situation is getting downright hilarious. It may get to the point where he should just issue a blanket apology to everybody in the state of Virginia.

Dave Splash said...

and then to every one in America -- for being such a douchebag