Monday, September 11, 2006

Giving Anna Nicole Smith a Break

Sure it is very easy to make fun of Anna Nicole Smith. She's an easy target -- she's a large-breasted bimbo who married a millionaire in his 90s (for "love"), a former Playboy Playmate that gained a ton of weight and more closely resembled Roseanne Barr than a supermodel, and she became a drugged-out, nutty reality TV star whose show only made people realize that she is totally detached from reality. But sometimes you have to give someone a break.

Anna Nicole's 20 year old son died yesterday of undetermined causes. There is nothing funny about that. Making things worse is the fact that this comes just days after she gave birth to a new baby. I'm sure she's having pretty much as bad a time as one can have. So, today I am going to show Anna Nicole from her glory days, and try and remember the good times.

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