Thursday, September 7, 2006

The "Jersey Girls" Strike Back

Kristin Breitweiser, one of the 9/11 widows disparagingly referred to as a "Jersey Girl" by Ann Coulter, fires back in a new letter at Huffington Post. Here is a quote:

"But frankly, I wonder how much you really know about the 9/11 Commission. You don't seem to understand that President Bush picked Tom Kean to be the chairman--not the "co-chairman." You don't seem to be aware that Philip Zelikow was the Commission's staff director or of why that position was so important. You also seem ignorant of the fact that Zelikow had served previously on the Bush National Security Council transition team and on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. (Do you even know who the current members of PFIAB are or what PFIAB does? Probably not.) I wonder whether you even know that Zelikow is currently serving as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's Special Counsel. Finally, and most important, are you aware that the White House exercised the "final edits" on the Commission's report? Tell me, Ann, how does that add up to a Democratic whitewash?"

Throughout the letter, Breitweiser is respectful and courteous to Coulter (two concepts completely foreign to the she-devil). She uses facts to dispute Coulter's deranged ravings (hey, I don't have to be nice to that bitch), and makes a number of important points. How much coverage will this letter receive from the media? None. They all love Coulter and her vulgar Dem-bashing, but hate a dispassionate argument filled with facts.

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