Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tucker Carlson Tears Melanie Morgan a New One

Is Melanie Morgan the stupidest woman on earth?I am not a huge fan of MSNBC's Tucker Carlson, but on his show today he totally went off on right-wing radio blowhard Melanie Morgan. Morgan -- a total Karl Rove-talking-point repeating robot -- was asked if it was "immoral" to be against the Iraq War. She responded that it is, in fact, immoral. Then she started going off about 9/11 and beheadings and so forth. Carlson cut her off, said he had heard those talking points a million times already, and said the following genius line,

"That's so reprehensibly dumb that I am embarrassed for you for even saying that!"

That, my friends, is fair and balanced. Delusional and dangerous people like Melanie Morgan need to be taken down a peg or two. I'm glad Carlson had the guts to do it.


J. Marquis said...

MSNBC seems to be coming around. First Scarborough, now Mister Bowtie...

Dave Splash said...

Which proves, to me, that the media does not have a liberal bias. They have a power bias.