Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Family Values Story

The Sisters Who Had Matching Boob Jobs
They already share clothes, makeup and shoes. But these sisters all decided to experience going under the knife together - and had matching boob jobs.

(Daily Mail) LOUISE ROBINSON, 37, is a housewife. She lives in Mansfield, Notts, with her husband, Simon, 39, a businessman, and their daughters Teagan, 14, and Tia, four. Louise went from a 36B to a 36DD.

Jacqui was the first to hear about my plans to have breast implants and the first - after my husband, Simon - to see the results. When she announced she was copying me, I was thrilled.

It's welded us even closer together. Now we share everything - including a bigger cup size. Some sisters are competitive, but I'm as delighted by Jacqui's new figure as by my own. I love seeing her selfconfidence rocket.

There's 18 months between us. But, although Jacqui's my big sister, it's typical of our relationship that I had my operation first.

As children, Jacqui was the first to try every new fashion trend from poodle-style perms to Eighties ra ra skirts. When I wanted a Bon Jovi poster on our bedroom wall, she got there first.

She was boy mad while I was still a tomboy. But when it came to anything unpleasant - like taking medicine - she sweet talked me into going first. So I knew Jacqui would see how I got on before taking the plunge herself.

We've both longed for bigger boobs since we were teenagers, embarrassed by B cups. Jacqui comforted me when schoolchildren mocked me for having 'two aspirins on an ironing board'.

Boys said the same to her. When we started going to discos, we stuffed each other's bras with tissue paper.

Our relationship was cemented when I was 13 and our mother, Brenda, died of lung cancer. It drew us together. We've been inseparable ever since.

So it was only natural I'd share my excitement with Jacqui when I decided on a boob job. Although we'd daydreamed about an operation for years, neither of us could pluck up the courage to do it. (read the rest)

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