Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Bon Voyage!

I'm heading out on a 10 day cruise tomorrow morning, so my postings may be a bit limited during that time. I'm heading to Alaska. I guess I wanted to see those glaciers with my own eyes before they melt and fall into the ocean. Oh wait, according to Republicans, there is no such thing as global warming! Well, since I believe in science, I know that global warming is real, and it is happening now.

If I see anything really amazing, and I get a picture of it, I will try and post it if I have time.


Snave said...

Hope you have a great trip! Be sure to post a few pictures when you get back!

I love to travel, and Alaska is a place I have always wanted to see. My dream is to drive up there from Oregon, spend about a month checking things out, then take the boat back down to Bellingham or Seattle, WA.

J. Marquis said...

Hope you have a good time, Howard. The scenery is really amazing and it's just cool to go that far on a ship...