Friday, July 14, 2006

Support the Joe and Valerie Wilson Legal Trust

Ambassador Joseph Wilson and Valerie (Plame) Wilson have had their reputations, careers, and (to some degree) their lives ruined by The Bush Administration's relentless assault on them. Joesph Wilson dared to speak out and tell the American people that Bush and Cheney's "case" for war in Iraq was based on false or erroneous information -- and they knew about it. For speaking out, Bush, Cheney, et al, decided that Wilson needed to be personally destroyed.

Bush's brain, Karl Rove, stated that Wilson's wife was "fair game" and her secret identity as a covert CIA agent specializing on weapons proliferation in the Middle East was leaked to the media as retribution against Mr. Wilson. Her career was effectively ended.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are now suing the Vice President and 10 members of the administration for conspiring to ruin Valerie Plame's career.

To help with the legal costs of this suit, please donate to the Joe and Valerie Wilson Legal Trust.


Snave said...

I sure do wish Joe and Valerie Wilson well. I would think they have a very good case.

Dave Splash said...

Well, Clinton's impeachment came from a civil suit. Maybe this will force Cheney to have to resign from office.

Man that would make my year!