Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Is Ken Lay the Luckiest SOB Out There?

** Enron's swindler-in-chief escapes punishment for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars by dying today. He will escape prison time, but if there is a hell, this "Friend of Bush" -- Kenny boy -- will serve his sentence there.

** The Ann Coulter plagiarism scandal is finally starting to pick up steam. The Rude Pundit and Raw Story have been on this for weeks, but the mainstream media has been completely silent. It seems Coulter will get a pass, while Jayson Blair and Doris Kearns Goodwin get reamed for much less of an offense (in the case of Goodwin). Nice double standard. The MSM loves Coulter and all her vicious, anti-liberal bile, obviously. The NY Post has finally made mention of it, but nothing from the "conservative hating" New York Times or Washington Post.

** Could Bush & Co. make any more mistakes in Iraq? Funny you should ask. It appears that the Bush-approved, "unity" government in Iraq is weighing requests to arm insurgents with guns. The insurgents claim they are out-armed by foreign fighters. This may be true, but the US military estimates that of all "insurgents," apprx. 5% are foreign fighters, and the remaining 95% are Iraqi. This seems like it will only aid these insurgents in their quest to kill as many US soldiers and Iraqi civilians as possible. I hope this idea gets shot down immediately.

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