Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Couple of Little Rants

Here is another example of why religion is often times so completely silly. A group of extremist Muslims has filed a police complaint against Miss Indonesia, Nadine Chandrawinata, for indecency. Their claim is that because she appeared in a swimsuit (a one-piece, by the way) that she "is actually insulting for Indonesian dignity and women." Do these people not have anything better to complain about? I just don't get it.
And speaking of things that I "just don't get," what is it that Fox News finds so threatening about Keith Olbermann? Sure, Olbermann points out all of the ridiculous bullshit that Bill O'Reilly says on his TV and radio shows, but why is that such a problem? It was O'Reilly that said that nonsense! Fox usually dismisses their detractors as jealous haters with no ratings. O'Reilly does have better ratings than Olbermann, and that is without question. So why then has Fox News begun an organized campaign to discredit Keith?

The president of Fox News said Keith was "over the line," and the network's PR department has launched an offensive against him by calling him "unstable." Olbermann's personal phone number has been distributed to Fox employees and he has been receiving threatening phone calls. His email has been hacked into, presumably by Fox. Seems like an awful lot of effort to attack someone with "no ratings." If anyone who criticizes Fox is just a jealous loser, then why do they seem to be so threatened?
Frivilous Lawsuit Alert!! An Arab-American group is suing the US government to make them force a cease-fire in the current war in Lebanon. Now, tell me what is wrong with the report from Reuters on this suit: "An Arab-American civil rights group filed a federal lawsuit on Monday charging the Bush administration with failing to protect the lives of thousands of U.S. citizens trapped in Lebanon by the Israeli military offensive.

The lawsuit, which was filed by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, seeks an emergency court order that would compel the U.S. government to stop sending weapons to Israel as long as U.S. citizens are trying to leave Lebanon."

First off, there is not an Israeli "offensive." It is a response to an attack -- one that was started by a group of terrorists who operate with impunity inside of Lebanon. Therefore, Israel is on the defense. I wonder if this group tried to sue the US when it bombed inside of Afghanistan looking for Al Queda? I doubt it. However, there are parallels.

The "official" government of Afghanistan at the time, The Taliban, did not attack the US, but they allowed the people who did to operate freely inside of their country. Hmmm. Sounds like the same thing to me. Israel is responding to an attack that has its origins inside of Lebanon. The caveat that they want the US to stop sending weapons while US citizens are still in Lebanon is crap. They don't care about US citizens trapped in Lebanon. They want to make a larger point about Israel -- one that Americans don't want to hear, and shouldn't have to. Israel exists. Get over it.

This current war in Lebanon is not about the Palestinians or the territories -- I understand why there is a lot of disagreement on that subject. In this case, it is about terrorists crossing the border into a sovereign state, kidnapping and killing its citizens, then launching rockets into that country's population centers without the slightest regard for where it will land, or who it will kill. Forget about "disproportionate response" or some other PC term. If you are attacked, you have a right to strike back; and to try and fix it so you will not be attacked by the same people again. When Hezbollah surrenders unconditionally, the war will be over. That is the only way this will be settled. The government of Lebanon will do nothing, and asking Syria to help will only make the situation worse for both Israel and Lebanon.
After my rant on Israel, I will leave you with something less serious -- like this picture of Jessica Simpson.


Snave said...

Ah, Jessica, how sweet thou art! Hheheheeheehh!!

FOX is actually going to such great lengths to pick on Keith Olbermann... I don't get that either. I guess he must have made O'Reilly pretty danged mad in order to have the minions after him in such a state. FOX is probably trying to make a statement by doing this, that is to say "If you fuck with us, this is what will happen to you." It's kind of like how the Bush administration works, after all, and FOX is the administration's media arm, so it follows they would use the same strategies against dissenters.

If Olbermann can take that kind of heat, I'm all for him continuing to call out jerks like O'Reilly.

Dave Splash said...

Olbermann's ratings are better than O'Reilly among younger viewers. O'Reilly's average viewer age is 71. 71!? I think that must be the threat, pretty soon all the Fox viewers will be dead.

Snave said...

Hallelujah! Either they will be dead of they will be raptured, leaving the rest of us behind, in peace.

boweryboogie said...

no doubt, olberman's show is better. i love his sense of humor when presenting news. almost like a real deal daily show.