Thursday, May 18, 2006

Two Posthumous Releases From Luna

Criminally underappreciated 90s alt-rockers Luna broke up last year after 10 years and seven albums. Rhino Records will release The Best of Luna CD and a concert DVD called Tell Me Do You Miss Me on June 20. If you are a fan of Velvet Underground-inspired pop music and you haven't heard Luna, you may want to try out this "best of." If you would like to see a trailer for the DVD, click here.

Luna began as a solo vehicle for Galaxie 500's Dean Wareham, but Wareham had a hard time meeting the rather high expectations of fans of that legendary group. For my money, Luna was a better band. They were all better musicians, and I think Wareham's songs and voice were more suited to Luna. I think I am in the minority on that one, though.


rigo said...

i join you in that minority - i much preferred luna to galaxie 500. i look forward to the next dean and britta album, which apparently they've just finished recording in the studio (with sonic boom of spacemen 3 fame, i might add)

Howard Davis said...

Yeah. I think a lot of the Galaxie vs Luna thing has a lot to do with elitism. It's people over-hyping something that they never saw. Still, Galaxie was pretty great. I didn't hear the first Dean/Britta album. I'm curious about this new one though.