Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Politics Trumps Football in Nebraska Gov Race

In what must be the political upset of the year (at least so far this year), former Nebraska football coach and three-term Congressman Tom Osborne lost his bid to become the Republican nominee for Governor. Two days ago I never would have believed that Osborne would lose -- not in this football loving state! I think that most casual observers assumed that Osborne would have coasted right into the governor's mansion. What about those three national championships!!??

In all three of Dr. Tom's runs for Congress he received over 80% of the vote, but in yesterday's primary he lost to current governor Dave Heineman 50-44%. The story made the Washington Post. Although I am not a Republican, and would not have voted for Osborne anyway, I feel somewhat badly for the guy. According to some analysis that I have read, GOP voters felt Heineman had a more firm grasp on state issues, and made his positions known early. Osborne seemed to waiver on some issues.

Does this make the November general election more competitive for the Democrats? David Hahn won the Democratic primary, so we'll have to see how well he can face off with Heineman. Though I am not optimistic about my party's chances this fall, I will throw my support behind Hahn and hope for a miracle.


Don smith said...

Tom Osborne is a man of great character and responsibility. He is however not a political leader. In the weeks and months leading up to the election he failed to take strong positions on much of anything. And, his biggest single blunder, was not understanding the importance people feel about their local schools. Had he supported local elementary school in small western communities and the suburban Douglas County and Sarpy County school districts against an OPS takeover he would have been a shoo in as governor. I am glad the issues came up during the primaries so we really knew that from a political standpoint Tom was a lot like Jimmy Carter, a good man, a good coach, but NOT a good political leader.

Howard Davis said...

Well said.