Monday, May 15, 2006

Laura Bush = Crazy

It is now completely fair to "take the gloves off" regarding First Lady Laura Bush. The right tore Hillary Clinton a new one virtually every day of the eight years she was First Lady. The justification (which always shifts when you're discussing right-wingers) was that because Hillary inserted herself into politics, it was appropriate to treat her as though she was an elected official.

Laura Bush has escaped any criticism throughout her six years as First Lady because she has avoided the political arena. But over the course of the last few months, Mrs. Bush has taken on an increasingly political role. She has done media interviews recently where she has attempted to defend her husband's illegal, warrantless wiretapping and data mining of US citizens' phone records. She said she was certain that everything the president has done has been legal. Hmmmm.....

OK. That's her opinion. But she is being sent out to the media because she is the only member of the Bush Administration that has an approval rating above 35%. The administration is using her because they think she is above criticism. She isn't. To my knowledge, this is at least the fifth time she has inserted her political opinions into the national debate. That means it is fair to hold her accountable for her misstatements. She attacked Senator Clinton. The media was silent. She promoted the failed nomination of Harriet Meyers. The media said nothing about that blunder. She spoke out about immigration. The media was silent. Does she have to kill someone else before she can be treated without the kid gloves?

In an interview with Fox News over the weekend, Ms. Bush said she "...doesn't believe those polls" that show Mr. Bush's approval rating hovering in the low 30s. Doesn't believe?! Is Mrs. Bush suggesting there is some sort of vast, left-wing conspiracy that is "fixing" the polls?

Newsflash Mrs. Bush!! The American people are rejecting the Bush agenda. Your husband is a serial liar who believes he is above the law. The polls are accurate. The American people are tired of being treated like idiots and criminals. If you keep shilling for those criminals occupying the White House, you won't be viewed as a smiling, Stepford wife any longer. You will get the Hillary treatment. In my opinion, it is a long time coming!


Snave said...

She truly does live in some kind of religious fundamentalist La-La Land. Of course she is devoted to her husband, but whew... how can she not recognize STUPID when she is faced with it each and every day?

Howard Davis said...

I think Laura is basically a nice woman. I had nothing against her until recently. But if you go on national television and make claims that the media is enjoying printing negative strories about Bush and that when his poll numbers were higher it wasn't reported. Completely false. Or that what the administration is doing with regards to wiretapping US citizens is completely legal -- that is a political statement. It just is. If the administration is going to send her out to spin for them, the media has to start treating her like a member of the administration. Ask a follow up question for crying out loud! Call her on her misstatements! That's all I'm asking for.