Monday, May 22, 2006

Dinner at O?

I made my first trip to O last Saturday night for dinner with some friends. I had no idea what kind of food O served, which turned out to be a bigger deal than I had expected.

just opened here in Omaha, and to me, the name and look imply that it is a continental restaurant. It is located just a few feet from a Japanese restaurant, so it definitely wouldn't be Asian, right? Wrong. It is a Chinese restaurant. This was a bummer for me because I ate at a Chinese buffet for lunch.

Despite that, the food at O was very good. The interior design of the place is very cool and modern -- lots of interesting photographs on the wall. Not a hint of Asia throughout the entire place. Very bizarre for a Chinese restaurant.

It was also pretty expensive for a Chinese restaurant. I guess you are paying extra for the "casual lounge" part.

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