Thursday, May 11, 2006

Andrew Sullivan Publishes a Letter From Yours Truly

I swear I'm not on Andrew Sullivan's payroll! I just wanted to mention that he has posted a portion of a letter I wrote to him this afternoon on his website. Unfortunately, I was not credited or linked back to (thanks, buddy). However, I know it was me, and that's good enough.

I wrote to him about the Google trends feature that was just added and it's "surprising" results. Here is the excerpt he published:

Your posting on Google trends is something I had been noticing myself with my blog. I have been blogging for about 2 years, and I write about politics, music, pop culture, sex,and I post the occasional "hottie" picture. I have been noticing through my site stats that I have been getting enormous numbers of viewers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and other Muslim countries. Are they looking for my take on the Mohammed cartoons or the Iraq War? Nope. They want pictures of Jenna Jameson and Jessica Simpson. I think it's true what Bill Maher says, these Islamo-crazies just need to GET LAID!


Kriestkiller said...

Shocking that he didn't link back to you or even say who you were! I noticed that when I read the item, and then checked the comments to see if you'd corrected his error. I'm surprised he didn't fix it himself. I'm not entirely with him politically but he seems like an honorable guy.

Howard Davis said...

I'm not mad or anything. Whenever he publishes emails, he doesn;t say who they were from. I was just hoping for a bigger spike in my readership. It was for purely selfish reasons that I wanted the link.

Dan Sharp said...

You're linked to Andrew. Just click on trackback. That's how I got here.

Howard Davis said...

I know. I pinged his trackback URL manually. I didn't know how many people knew what trackback was.