Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Everybody Loves LaFave

It seems like everybody really does love Debra LaFave. I got a massive spike in my readership yesterday when I initially posted about the lovely student-fucker. I really got a kick out of the fact that someone from the US House of Representatives came to the site looking for LaFave!

Every single evening talk show was focused on the fact that no charges will be filed against LaFave because the "victim" does not want to testify. I'll tell you why he doesn't want to will he ever be able to look peers in the eye after going on the stand and saying that sex with LaFave was traumatic for him and that she should go to jail? It's so absurd that I can understand why he doesn't want to testify.

Even some in Congress love LaFave!


Leon said...

I experienced one too. I got 4 comments on my post on Lafave in less than 2 hours. I've never gotten so many comments so fast!

Howard Davis said...

She's a popular one! Her comment in the press conference that she is on every website in the world is just about true.

Michelle said...

I think she's really lucky she's a teacher, because, yeah, she's a decent weight, her hair (when not pulled back in a Nazi-bun) is sleek, and for the most part she just looks like a waitress at Ruby Tuesday's. You could fuck her. You could be her friend. You could probably do both. Either way, you wouldn't be too intimidated to speak to her. She's that feel good fuck that you don't have to work too hard for, and yet won't be embarrassed by. Good all around.

I, personally, couldn't do her. She's got the face of a backwoods hillbilly retard. I expect her to pull out her best Sling Blade and go, "Mmmmmm Hmmmmm!" when you go down on her.

But, I realize that's the difference between me and most people. I'm a face person, to a degree. I work with this girl who's got this gorgeous face, and yet she's got the worst body. It really really makes me sad.

But I think she's lucky to be a teacher, because, the fantasy baggage that comes with being a teacher just makes her that much hotter.

Howard Davis said...

She should do porn. Shit, her DVDs would fly off the shelf. Her infamy would make it a huge seller, but she also has that southern, small-town, slutty look that works so well in the porn world.

Eric said...

haha congressmen checking her out. shoot,id love to have a hot horny blond as my teacher any time.