Friday, February 10, 2006

Worst Dressed? Says Who?

I have often wondered who makes the decisions about the "Best and Worst Dressed" celebrities at events like award shows. I am by no means some sort of fashion expert; but I have eyes and an opinion, and they somehow never seem to match what the "experts" say. I have a theory on this. The decisions are made by gay guys. Now don't fly off the handle and assume that this will be some gay bashing post -- it ain't.

It just seems that the women that get the most praise are not the most attractive to heterosexual men. Look at the fashion industry. Have you seen a runway model that had a chest or some curves? They all look like lanky, teenage boys! And the clothes being modeled are ones that accentuate that lankiness -- and that boyish figure. I think the same folks that run the fashion industry are the ones who decide who is the best dressed at Hollywood events.
Case in point: Terri Hatcher. Put aside any questions about why the Desperate Housewives star would go to the Grammy Awards -- I have no idea. But she made nearly every list of "worst dressed" at the Grammys. Most common complaint? -- that she wore a see-through (sheer) dress. Hello? Guys like see through!! The fact that, at age 42, guys like me want to see through Hatcher's dress is a testament to how good she looks.
Sorry that she doesn't have the body of a 14 year-old boy, "fashion experts." This is how a female celebrity should look.

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