Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Michelle Malkin: A Shrill, Obnoxious, Hypocrite

Gosh I hate to pick on Michelle Malkin (she's such an easy target), but when it comes to hypocritical right-wingers, Malkin is near the top of the heap.

A few months ago, Malkin went ballistic over a "doctored" photo of Condoleeza Rice that appeared in USA Today. She referred to it as an "unhinged example of Condi bashing." Whatever that means. USA Today removed the photo, said it was a mistake, and apologized.

Strange how the practice of doctoring photos was so offensive to Malkin last October, but is perfectly okay now -- when it is a doctored photo of a Democrat. In a posting yesterday, Malkin produced a doctored photo of Senator Ted Kennedy that was designed to make him look heavier and his face redder, all for the purpose of insinuating that he is a drunk. Anyone who has seen Kennedy recently knows that he is looking better than he has in years. This malicious attack by Malkin is just another example of her massive hypocrisy. Maybe she's just upset because no one is buying her new Dem-bashing book.
(Thanks to the Rude Pundit for the tip)

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