Friday, November 18, 2005

Jean Schmidt (R-OH) Is A Miserable Bitch

This snotty, miserable, lying, despicable excuse for a member of Congress (of course she's a Republican) is Jean Schmidt and she represents -- for the time being -- the 2nd District of Ohio. Today on the floor of the House of Representatives she called Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) a "coward" because he criticized the Bush Administration's handling of the war in Iraq. A coward? Murtha served 27 years in the Marines!! He is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War! How the fuck can anyone call him a coward?! Schmidt has been in Congress for all of five minutes and now she tries to impune the service, integrity, and patriotism of Murtha and all Democrats? FUCK YOU!!

Schmidt's Congressional website is here: and her DC office's number is: (202) 225-3164. Call her and tell her how much she sucks. And tell her that House rules prohibit member making personal attacks on other members by name. She should be forced to apologize to Murtha, the Democratic party, and the military for this disturbing attack.

And FUCK YOU to every Republican that calls the resolution calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq as a "Democrat bill." There is not a single Democrat involved in the drafting or sponsoring of the bill. It is a Republican bill! Murtha's proposal did not call for complete withdrawal, and anyone with an IQ above 70 that takes the time to read what he said would know that. His was a plan to force the Iraqis to get down to the business of running their own country. Our objective has been met -- Saddam is gone, there are no WMDs. Under Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, et al, Iraq is a disaster. There is no strategy for victory or an end to this war. It is clear that the objective for Republicans is to have a permanent presence in Iraq. They want to be there for decades. There is no other rationale for their asinine positioning on this war. The people attacking our soldiers are Iraqis! They don't want us there! We got rid of Sadam, they had elections, and we have been training their army for over two years! We cannot be their permanent safety net. When can they take over? According to Republicans - NEVER. This is a recipe for disaster and failure. But failure is George Bush's middle name after all.

And fuck you to Dennis Hastert and the rest of the Republicans in the House who have now floated the idea of launching an ethics investigation against Murtha. More of the right wing smear machine in full effect.

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