Thursday, November 3, 2005

I Sleep Soundly at Night Because I'm a Democrat -- I Know None of This is My Fault

Whoah! Sorry I have been M.I.A. for the last few days. I was the sickest I have probably ever been. Don't ever get the stomach flu. It sucks. I completely missed Fitzmas! Well, it wasn't much of a holiday anyway. I'm not going to get too into the indictments (or lack thereof) because it is an "ongoing investigation," and that would be inappropriate. Ha!

But I will talk about the absolutely genius move the other day by Harry Reid! Man, it is about freakin' time that the Democrats got their balls back and played hardball with the GOP. All the conservative whining about this being so unfair, and how Bill Frist took it as a "slap in the face," just shows how disingenious and thin skinned they truly are. My God, I thought Bill Frist was going to cry! What a baby.

Let's face it, "Phase Two" of the investigation into the origins of the Iraq War would never happen if it were up to the Republicans. This is the part that was supposed to investigate how the Bush Administration (selectively) used the intelligence to make its case for this pathetic and unnecessary war. Senator Roberts (Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee) said numerous times on television that he did not want to do the second part of the investigation before last year's presidential election so it would not be politicized. That, of course, is politicizing the investigation. He held off doing the investigation because he knew that any honest look into how the Bush Administration sold the war to the American people would effect the election -- people would see how they were lied to and vote against Bush. That is politicizing the investigation right there! To put it simply, Senator Pat Roberts is a liar!

I watched Roberts with my own eyes say that as soon as the election was over, he would begin the second phase of the investigation to see if the Administration did anything wrong. Once the election was over, he changed his tune: "I don't think there should be any doubt that we have now heard it all regarding prewar intelligence. I think that it would be a monumental waste of time to replow this ground any further." (March 31, 2005). Now, after Reid's call for a secret session in the Senate to push for the investigation that Roberts promised, Roberts claims he has been working on the investigation all along, and that Democrats are making an issue out of nothing. There is no other word for this other than BULLSHIT. Roberts wanted nothing to do with the investigation because he now knows what many of us on the left have been saying for years -- this war was was started on false pretenses. The extent of the falseness can only be determined by the Congress exercising its oversight authority. The GOP Congress has refused for the last five years to launch a single investigation into anything Bush-releated.

During the Vietnam War, while LBJ was President, a fellow Democrat -- William Fulbright (D-AR) -- launched an investigation into the origins of the Vietnam War and whether or not the American people were being told the truth. Is there a single Republican that would do something like that today? Absolutely not. The current Republican party is so concerned with keeping their hold on power, that will turn a blind eye to all the rampant corruption in the Bush Administration and to all the lies told about Sadam's so-called waepons of mass destruction. The White House yesterday even took to blaming Bill Clinton for the intelligence! Bill Clinton?! Give it up. Start taking responsibility for your own actions and stop looking for 10 year old quotes from the former President. He did not start this war - Bush did. Own up to it.

Bush wanted to be a wartime President, and he made himself one. It is his war. I can say that I never supported the war, and never believed the administration's case. This is not 20/20 hindsight. At the time I simply did not believe the "evidence" used to justify the war. Sadam was contained. Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and Iran were much greater threats -- and they still are. I took all the shots from right-wingers who said I was anti-American, hated the troops, loved Osama Bin Laden, etc. And whenever other vile right wing attacks were made against me, I took comfort knowing that someday I would be proven right. I had hoped it would be before the last election, but Scooter Libby's obstruction of justice and Pat Robert's delaying tactics ensured this would not be looked into until after the election. Nevertheless, I was right.

I support the troops, but I do not support the Commander in Chief and his war of choice. Is that so hard for you right-wingers to understand?

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