Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Truth (With Facts) About the Al Franken Video

Like Chuck D. said back in 88, "Don't believe the hype." The right is absolutely frothing at the mouth over the so-called "thuggish, anti-Conservative" (Michelle Malkin) promotional video created by Al Franken to sell his new book, The Truth (with jokes). Malkin, Brent Bozell (who if you ask me has an unhealthy obsession with Al Franken), and others in the right wing media have intentionally mischaracterized the video's content. If you watch the entire clip -- available here, scroll down about 1/2 the page -- you will see that the joke (remember Franken is a comedian) is that Franken is giving a beatdown to a book critic!

The skit begins at what looks like a book signing or something. A few people approach Al and tell him who they are and that they love his books. The last guy tells Al he is the guy ("right wing idiot") that gave him a one-star review. Al asks him, "You didn't like it?" and he responds, "I didn't read it!" Then the guy tells Al that he is not funny. At that moment Al kicks him in the groin. He was pissed because the guy said he wasn't funny. That's the biggest insult you could say to a comedian; and Al Franken is, first and foremost, a comedian.

Look, you have to be completely devoid of a sense of humor to see this as some sort of violent attack on conservatives. My God, people! Lighten the hell up!

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