Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tonight's Shiz-ow!

I get the question a lot. I am sorry to continue to report that the station on which I do my show does not stream any of its' content. That is the main reason why I stopped posting the playlists. I figured that no one would want to read about a show they couldn't possibly ever hear.I have been promising for a few months to create a podcast version of the show. Thusfar, little has been done. But recently I got myself a copy of Sonic Foundry's Acid Pro 4.0. This program is pretty amazing and can do way more than what I was looking for in a podcast creating program. I am learning how to work with it now, and once I can get a decent understanding of how to use it, I will get the podcast going. I don't want to layout any exact timeframe, but the one year anniversary of the show comes this December. I would like to have a podcast of that show available. Cross your fingers. Here is tonight's show for those in Omaha.

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