Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Michelle Malkin - Pot - Meet the Kettle!

Sexy fascist Michelle Malkin (sorry I do find her physically attractive even though her thoughts are so repulsive) is at it again -- manufacturing controversy by pulling it out of her (no doubt cute) butt. This time it is about comedian and writer Al Franken. The post is really just a roundabout way to plug her upcoming liberal bashing book. (**A little history on Malkin -- she went on Hardball with Chris Matthews last year before the election and attempted to advance the nonsensical and baseless story that John Kerry shot himself in Vietnam so that he would be awarded a purple heart to advance his future political career. In a rare moment of "balance" from Matthews, he actually refused to let her get away with such obvious bullshit. She left the show at the commercial break. The little right-wing whiner then went on Rush Limbaugh the next day claiming that the big, bad liberal media kicked her off the air.) Franken has a new book out today -- The Truth with Jokes. There is apparently some type of promotional video for the book that shows Franken kicking a fictious conservative commentator (Hannity, Hume?) in the nuts. I haven't seen the skit, but I'm sure it's funny (or at least looks like fun). She goes on to slander Franken by referring to him as "unhinged," "psychotic" and "unstable." I've personally only seen Franken get upset one time and that was during his "debate" with Bill ("I wish I was a loofah") O'Reilly. Not sure who was more upset considering O'Reilly screamed "Shut Up!" at least 40 times during his monologue.

ANYWAY....Malkin uses this comedy skit to make her larger point that liberals are mean, hateful people and that Air America is somehow doing something funny with their money. The financial "scandal" created by Malkin is a non-existent one, so I won't bother defending fiction. But as for her comment that "The real joke is that Franken's staged assault inadvertently exposes and underscores the truth about the Bush-deranged Left. Over the past few years, we've seen frightfully Franken-esque intolerance, violence, and hatred spread from the moonbat fringes to the liberal mainstream to the top echelons of the Democrat party." Name a single incident ever of mainstream liberal violence? You can't, because there aren't any. Again, nice set up for her book about unhinged liberals, but let's look at this more closely and introduce some facts.

Al Franken pretends to be kicking the crap out of a conservative in a promotional skit for his new book, The Truth with Jokes.
The right in America has been on a non-stop campaign of hate since their so-called revolution in 1994. Newt Gingrich, the Republican leader of the revolution, advised the GOP back in the early 90s to always throw in the following words or expressions when talking about Democrats: homosexual, welfare, raise taxes, race quotas, communist, socialist, and a ton more. Tell me how many times you have heard a right-wing Congressman or pundit refer to a Democratic proposal as "socialism?" They do it all the time despite the fact that there is no factual basis for the adjective. The GOP remained in control of Congress in the 90s by spreading vicious, baseless accusations against Pres. Clinton. They said he was a drug dealer, a murderer, a rapist, a thief; they claimed the First Lady was a socialist, a lesbian, a lesbian socialist, a murderer, and too many others to mention. This wasn't unhinged? I mean, come on!! You all tried to kick the President out of office for getting a blowjob from someone other than his wife (although if Hillary was a lesbian that wouldn't be something she would do anyways, right?).

Since the disputed election of 2000 when the Supreme Court gave the presidency to George W. Bush, the right has utilized a "divide and conquer" strategy to satisfy their lust for power. Anyone who disagreed with the decision to invade Iraq (which is reasonable considering the lack of WMD and the fact that Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11) was likened to Osama Bin Laden and was said to be "sympathetic" to terrorists. Anyone who dared to criticize the course of this disastrous war was said to be "aiding and abetting" the enemy. In other words, you either agree with Bush or you are a terrorist. That is their message. Sounds quite hateful to me.For the few right-leaning voters that didn't fall for this, they were treated to some good ol' fashioned gay bashing! The right used gay marriage as a weapon against the more tolerant among us. Note to the GOP: If gay people are allowed to marry, it won't force you to marry a gay person! More offensive than that was the way the Republican party denigrated Vietnam Veterans during their 2004 convention. They all walked around the floor with a smug look on their face and a band-aid on their finger. The band-aid was a slam against John Kerry's service in Vietnam. They were attempting to imply that Kerry's injuries were fake (a theory invented by Malkin and Swift Boat liars). What they were actually doing was mocking those that were wounded in Vietnam, and showing their contempt for the veterans by supporting a candidate who used his familial connections to avoid service and stay at home drinking beer and snorting coke instead of dodging bullets in the jungle. It was disturbing then, and just plain embarrassing now.

I am going to end this post now before I become unhinged. I have not read the new Franken book yet; but I loved his last three, so I am expecting to like it. I have never read any of Malkin's books (In Defense of Internment is her most well known), and don't plan to. Though if I wait it out a few weeks, I'm sure Borders will have it in the cut out rack for $3 or 4. Might (just might) be worth getting for that price. I get enough of the right wing malarky by simply turning on the radio or watching any cable news channel. I feel like I'm on the RNC talking point distribution list since I hear them repeated so often by every newscaster on every political show. Thanks liberal media!

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